To My Fans,

I really appreciate all the support this season. You have no idea how much all the love you guys have given me during the show means to me. Throughout both seasons of Ink Master, I have learned more about myself as an artist and as a person than I could have asked for. This opportunity to compete has enabled me to test my boundaries and to communicate my art work and my point of view to millions of fans from around the world. Even though I wasn’t crowned  Ink Master I feel that I have gained way more than $100,000. With all the questions and controversy surrounding my elimination, I feel it is necessary to explain. Even though I was eliminated for a breach in my contract and rule violations, at no time during any part of the competition did I do something to undermine the competition or give myself an unfair edge. I competed fairly and used nothing but experience and skill. I was eliminated not for cheating, but for breaking a rule that was a conflict of my lifestyle. I feel no regret or remorse for my decisions, in fact, because of this experience I am more in favor of marijuana legalization. Even if the laws in Oregon allow me to smoke marijuana with out legal repercussion, I understand that I violated the rules of the competition. I hope I inspired others to stand up for who they are in difficult situations. I feel very grateful to the production team and Spike TV for making me a part of this amazing competition.

Don’t be afraid to be an instigator,